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The Attic is a sonic and visual research bureau hidden away above a disco club on the main street of the southern town of Dunedin, New Zealand. Established in 2011 as a workspace for a group of artists who no longer wanted to work from their bedrooms, The Attic has evolved into a makeshift recording studio, practice space, gallery, workshop and a sometimes venue.

Striving towards creative sustainability, The Attic is now a homespun cassette label, with the ability to create, record, design, duplicate, assemble and distribute within the same four walls. This gives The Attic’s many and varied productions an inherent handcrafted aesthetic displaying a dedication to upholding artist ideals and producing engaging physical products.

With a consistent cast of three multi-talented craftsmen and a revolving association with many other Dunedin artists, designers and musicians, the collaborative melting pot that exists at the top of this desolate piece of Dunedin non-architecture is something that should inflame the ire of the Thought Police.

-Alex Lovell-Smith, Visual Historian


Find us:

email: theatticrattle@gmail.com
twitter: @theatticdunedin